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Fic Details

Title: A Convenient Marriage
Author: Gia
Rating: Adult; explicit sex
Disclaimer: Own nothing. All belongs to Joss, ME, Fox, et.al.
Pairing: Initially C/A, ultimately B/A.

Author’s Notes: This is AU.


I don’t know what makes this story so perfect, but I love it, totally.

Gia has rewritten Buffy&Angel AU story in a masterly way. She created Angelus (the dark past of Liam Angelus O’Connor). She created obstacles (the curse) that here is the fear of prison and deportation from the United States, and the fear of an uncertain future. She created the lifestyle change of Angel when Buffy enters her life. Gorgeous, this story is just gorgeous.


And I don’t give a shit if I’ve made you a better man.

I thought I was some kind of extraterrestrial, ‘cause this is exactly what I have always thought about this bleakness called Spuffy. Glad to see that someone else sees what I see …and please don’t tell me about Jossian feminism, because it’s not just the case.

"We had the most amazing working relationship I’ve ever had, I’ve been very blessed with the guys that I’ve worked opposite, but David and I had a very, very special relationship. In three years of working together, we never had so much as a disagreement, and that’s just unbelievable, considering the hours we spent together.” - Sarah Michelle Gellar on David Boreanaz

"I mean working with her is great. The three seasons that we worked together, we never had an argument. I mean that’s pretty odd, um -since we were in such close quarters, both of our characters. But, you know she’s here in my heart, and that’s the best thing about it. And she’s actually given me the opportunity to be here where I am today. I mean her character, her show, enabled me to grow and become another character so I owe a lot to her.” - David Boreanaz on Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Bangels of the world, unite :)


“There is a definite connection between Buffy and Angel. It’s love in its truest most pure form.” Sarah Michelle Gellar x

“I don’t see anything else beyond that relationship. We know they’ll end up together.” David Boreanaz x

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